Outdoor Fireplaces

fireplace-1-copyOutdoor fireplaces in Florida or southern Georgia? Absolutely! Even though we typically don’t see snow, we all know there are nights when it would be pleasant to be outside enjoying the air, but it’s just too cold. The solution is an outdoor fireplace so we can take advantage of the crisp clear nights and even days for that matter.

In addition to providing warmth, outdoor fireplaces have other advantages. They set the mood and become a gathering place, ideal for small, intimate gatherings or roasting marshmallows with the kids. And let’s not forget, this enhancement to your property will also increase its value.

There are an unlimited amount of designs that you can choose from. B&T Fencing of Tallahassee has designed and installed outdoor fireplaces that span a whole range including:

  • Traditional: Stone or brick is usually used on this type of fireplace with an arched opening, a mantel, and a hearth.
  • Contemporary – Often built using industrial materials these fireplaces feature clean lines and little or no ornamentation.
  • Mediterranean – This is usually a simple design with colorful ceramic tiles that frame the firebox.
  • Southwestern – Stucco is usually used to look like adobe. Ceramic tiles are often used with this type of design as well.

Depending on the size of your yard and your desires, outdoor fireplaces can also be built as big or small as you like. Some general rules of thumb include:

  • Gas fireplaces are generally shorter than wood burning fireplaces because they have exhaust vents so they don’t need chimneys.
  • If you want the fireplace to be a focal point and you entertain a lot a larger style will probably work better than a smaller fireplace.
  • If intimacy and ambiance are your priorities, then you’ll probably prefer a smaller style.
  • Considering the size of your yard and what’s in it will also help you determine how large or small you want the fireplace.

Our team of professionals at B&T Fencing will help you make those decisions. We will also offer guidance on placement based on the wind direction, local codes, and whether it is best suited to be free standing or built against a wall. We do this plus ensure that the fireplace blends with the environment rather than disrupts it.

The B&T Fencing team is committed to providing professional and expert service that is personalized to your needs and circumstances.  With our precise attention to detail we are sure that you will be immensely satisfied with the finished product. We look forward to talking and working with you. Call us at 850-942-1003 today for a free consultation.

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