Brick Pavers and Walls


Whether you want to replace or build a sidewalk, build a patio, construct a tree ring, or create a sitting area, stone paving is a great choice. You can even redefine your driveway or pool deck with attractive stone pavers. Stone pavers offer many advantages and visually enhance your property.

Our experienced and creative team will help make your ideas come alive. We will help you design your outdoor living space and incorporate the stone pavers that will add beauty, comfort, and functionality to this area. Benefits include:

  • Versatility: Stone pavers can be laid on any solid surface and are used in many settings for both residential and commercial settings.
  • Resiliency and durability: Paving stones have a long life expectancy. They are able to withstand the weight of vehicles and high foot traffic. In addition, stone pavers will endure any weather conditions. They are sun-resistant as well as freeze-thaw resistant.
  • Upkeep: Stone pavers require little maintenance. If damaged, individual pieces can be replaced. The surface can be swept and washed easily when necessary.

At B&T Fencing we are proud of the fact that we use only natural stone when we install stone paving, such as limestone, granite, and marble. Additionally, a myriad of colors and shapes are available, as well as patterns including herringbone, basket weave, running bond, ashlar, or other geometric shapes.


Enduring, functional, stylish, and tailored all define the retaining walls that we build. Our reputation for quality craftsmanship, service, and safety is unsurpassed. We pay attention to the existing environment and structures on your property to ensure that the wall complements and blends in naturally.

Retaining walls are used to correct drainage issues and to add structural integrity by “retaining” soil. In addition, retaining walls also can increase the value of your property.

While the primary purpose of a retaining wall is functionality, it can also be a focal point of interest on your property. Using our knowledge of the southern climate, drainage issues, and other engineering aspects that pertain to retaining walls, our experienced team will build a wall that fulfills your needs and is beautifully designed.

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