Pool Fencing in the Off Season

It’s snowing in Tallahassee, so there’s no need to worry about pool fencing, right? Well… not necessarily. The off-season is, in fact, the perfect time to get your pool fence installed and here’s why:

You’re not swimming

Florida winters aren’t always harsh. This year is another story. We don’t think you’re using that pool while it’s snowing, so let’s take the opportunity to get it July-ready with a pool fence installation now. This means our team of installation experts won’t be in the splash zone.

Keep your kids out of the pool

Kids love to run and play. When it’s not swimming season, chances are your kids will be doing just that. Without a safety fence around your pool, your child may fall in on accident and hurt themselves. Be proactive and avoid unnecessary accidents by installing your pool fence now.

Keep pets out of the pool

Similar to the importance of keeping your child from falling into the pool, it is also important to keep your furry friends safe, too. With a secure B&T Fencing pool fence, you can rest assured your pets and kids will be safely outside the pool.


Procrastination gets the best of all of us. It’s the same story every time, “I’ll get this done eventually”, but then eventually comes and oh, it’s summertime again and you still don’t have the pool fence you’ve been wanting. Without a proper pool fence installed, your child’s summer fun will have to wait.

We don’t want this to be your kids face when they can’t spend time in the backyard this year. Get started on your pool fence installation today by calling B&T Fencing at (850)942-1003.

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