Wood Stains and Seals

A new wooden fence is not only functional, but offers aesthetic appeal. Maintaining the aesthetics will aid in keeping the fence optimally functional. Or maybe you don’t have a new fence, but instead one that has turned dull gray. Either way, we’ll treat your fence to maintain both beauty and functionality.

Wood has a character and beauty all its own. Due to its organic features, it needs to be treated to protect it against the environment. We’re proud to provide exceptional service and products for fence staining. As experts, we work from start to finish to meet your specific needs.

Our specialists at B&T Fencing use Wood Defender® products, available in transparent or semi-transparent options. The materials used to make Wood Defender® products include superior quality natural oils that penetrate deeply into the wood to replenish and revive it. Other materials used in these products work to:

  • Protect the wood from the harmful effects of UV rays
  • Maintain the color throughout the life of the warranty
  • Decrease the growth of mildew and fungus
  • Reduce warping and swelling

Wood Defender® fence stain and deck staining products saturate the surface of the lumber, penetrating into the wood, leaving the fence and wood with an even, uniform coating. No back brushing is required. The products are superior to competitive products that leave runs, drips, and an uneven appearance. The fact that this product is so easy to apply, coupled with the fact that it wipes off most non-porous surfaces, makes it the contractors’ choice across America. Wood Defender® fence stain and deck staining products are manufactured by Standard Paints, Inc. Our contractor-grade commercial wood and fence staining products have been designed to increase your productivity, saving you both time and money. Standard Paints, Inc., offers three oil-based products in the Wood Defender® line: Transparent Fence Stain, Semi-Transparent Fence Stain, and Transparent Deck Stain.

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