Wood Fences

This traditional fence material will add natural character to your home and property. A primary reason people choose wood as the fencing material is because of its sheer beauty. Wood fencing comes in a variety of colors, sizes, and types. Wood fences function to provide complete or partial privacy, or enhance the appearance of your property. You can dress your fence up with swooped sections or sculpted posts or post caps.

A cautionary detail regarding wood fences should be noted. Wood is more cost-effective than other fencing materials, but due to the probability of warping and cracking, it is necessary to maintain it with seals, stain, or paint. B&T Fencing uses ACQ pressure treated lumber. This reinforces the fence against extreme outdoor conditions. We use galvanized ring shank nails to secure the wood. We guarantee our labor but cannot guarantee against warping due to the organic nature of this product.

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