If It’s Gray – No Way!

Wood fences are a great, inexpensive choice designed to provide privacy and security with the added benefit of enhanced curb appeal. But like most things, they don’t last forever.

It can sometimes be hard to tell when your wood fence needs some TLC. Sometimes it’s in need of a new stain and seal. Other times, it’s time to replace it altogether. When you’re looking out your window and not quite sure the status of your fence, use these tips to make a decision:

  • If your once-brown fence has now turned an icky gray, it’s time for an update. Consider getting your fence inspected by a B&T Fencing team member to determine if it could use a fresh stain or if it’s time to be replace.


  • If your wood fence is broken, bent or missing boards, it is easy to determine that your fence needs replacing. When boards are missing, you’re risking your family’s (pets included) safety. Get that fence replaced ASAP!



  • Does your fence look like its hanging closer to your neighbor’s yard than yours? If it’s leaning or warped, chances are the fence posts have weakened – which means it’s time to replace them before further damage occurs.


  • If you have holes in your wood, it’s usually not a good sign. If you’re beginning to see them, or you have seen them, it likely means that there are wood boring insects making a home in your fence. These beetles and bugs cause damage to the fence, and eventually will result in needing a replacement.

Still not sure what your wood fence needs? B&T can help you out!

Give us a call today at (850) 942-1003 and we’ll make sure your fence is in tip-top shape.

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